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The Blackthorpe Newsbox!

24/7/2000: Yep, the Brit dating stays...
What is Blackthorpe?

Blackthorpe is truth.
Blackthorpe is fiction.
Blackthorpe is waking up in the morning and discovering that someone swapped your coffee for steroidal weight-gain powder.
Blackthorpe is falling asleep in front of Jerry Springer, waking up in front of Romeo and Juliet, and never noticing a seam.
Blackthorpe is listening to Merrick and Rosso on Triple J, hearing them play "Didley Squat" by sonicanimation, and hearing them cut it off about a minute early, then wandering around for the rest of the day being bitter about it and telling anyone who cares that you need "Didley Squat"-closure.
Blackthorpe is it being half-past one in the morning and you still being 6 comics behind the game.
Don't worry. I'm breaking my back for you vultures, and tomorrow 'Thorpishness will be restored completely. I hope.

15/7/2000: Have you had your first taste of 'Thorpy goodness? Are you eager for the next installment of Blackthorpian excitement? Have you been watching the gerbil?
Well, if anyone answered yes, bad news.
I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow, and we're staying in a farm lodge that's twenty kilometres away from anywhere that really is anywhere. That means, no Internet access. That means, no 'Thorpe. For a week. I know it's wrong to take a hiatus that's actually longer than the comic's been up for, but what are you going to do? Sue me?
Please don't.
I'll throw in as much as I can in the time allowed. We'll see how it turns out.
Keep reading. It's an introduction, and if you miss out now, you'll have to read the archives later.

13/7/2000: Well, we're up! This is actually the second comic in the Blackthorpe series, as those of you who gave me about 72 visits yesterday would know. Thanks to those people, for you are truly the wunderkind of the new millennium.
Assuming that any of you came back, I guess I'll stick a Mission Statement here. Blackthorpe is a comic I write because I like online comics, and because I want glory and kudos and all of that. It's based on a novel I'm also writing, which (coincidentally enough) is also called Blackthorpe.
Well, I say 'based on', but what's actually happened is this: the background is the same, but the comic is assuming that the events of the book never happened. It makes my head spin, too.
Unlike Everything Jake, (which you can and must visit - Mike Rosenweig is not only incredibly funny, but unlike me, he actually knows how to draw) Blackthorpe is not a set story. It has a beginning, sure, which we're in the middle of at the moment, and it will have a middle that will go for some time, but unless something chronic happens it will not actually have an end. Yep, no end. The Neverending Story, if you will.
With that said, enjoy. And watch the gerbil. He's up to something.

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